My Hero我的“英雄”



Heroes are all around us but of course, only some of those heroes are ones that we know by name. The superheroes illustrated in DC or Marvel comics are considered heroes because they have superpowers that nobody else has, they help people, they save the world, that’s why they are considered heroes. However, just because someone hasn’t done something that is very significant, something that changes the world, it doesn’t mean that they are not a hero. Everyone has a hero in their life. One such hero in my life is my Chinese teacher Mrs Guo.

英雄无处不在,但是他们中只有一些人的名字为我们所知。DC动漫公司和漫威公司 创造的超级英雄被认为是英雄,因为他们有别人没有的超能力。然而,仅仅因为某些人没有做非常显著的,能够改变世界的事情,并不意味着他们就不是英雄。每个人的生命中都有一个英雄。我的生命中这样一个英雄是我的中文老师郭老师。

Mrs Guo taught me Chinese from grade one to grade six. Within those six years, she taught me so many things. From being able to read Chinese characters, to being able to write fluent essays in the Chinese language. She lay down the concrete foundations for my future Chinese learning. Mrs Guo has been a teacher for decades but even though she is retired and has migrated to Australia, she still continues to teach students like me, whose families have migrated from China. In an English-speaking country, it is not uncommon for students of Chinese background to forget how to speak the language. Luckily my family refused to let me forget so they send me to Chinese school every Saturday.


What I think makes Mrs Guo different from other teachers and what I think makes her a hero is her love towards her students as though we are all her children, she teaches us with her heart and she is always there to encourage us and never let us give up.


I remember that when I was in grade four, there was a poem recital competition, it was held yearly from grades four and up. I was very shy kid back then, whenever I was asked to read something, no one would be able to hear me clearly. However, Mrs Guo still suggested that I give this competition a go. She provided me with some poems I would be able to choose from and told me to go home and practise reading them and putting emotion into every word. I remember having to perform in front of my class but I was still too quiet because I was so nervous, at that point I wanted to give up.


However, Mrs Guo knew that if I just shook off those nerves and recited the poem confidently, there was no reason why I would not be able to perform in front of the judges. She saw something in me that neither my parents nor myself has seen and she had faith in me. On the day of competition, I was extremely nervous and I think Mrs Guo could that so she walked up to me and told me that there was nothing to be afraid of and I as long as I performed to the best of my ability, that was enough. When I stood up on that stage and I looked at the judges, I remembered her words and suddenly I wasn’t nervous anymore.


I ended up winning second in that competition and I remember looking into the audience as I stood on the stage, holding my award. I could see Mrs Guo’s beaming face in the crowd. She hadn’t just encouraged me to participate in the competition, she gave me confidence that I never knew I had.


Mrs Guo is a hero in my life and is someone I believe should receive community recognition because she has the power to pick you up when you are down, to encourage you to meet new challenges and try new things. I can personally say that without Mrs Guo, I would never in a million years have the confidence that I do today. She has the power to change a student’s life. That is what makes her a hero.

郭老师是我生命中的英雄,也是我认为应该获得社区认可的人物,因为她具有在你情绪低落的时候安慰你、鼓励你迎接新的挑战并且尝试新事物的力量。我个人可以这样说, 如果没有郭老师,再过一百万年我都不会拥有象今天这样的自信。她有改变一个学生命运的力量,这就是为什么她是一个英雄。



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