Letter from Parents

Hi, my son is Austin Kwok. He’s in VCE Prep and his teacher is Ms Yuehua You. We moved Austin to Xin Jin Shan Chinese school (West campus) at the start of 2020. He used to go to Melbourne Chinese Ethnic School in Footscray.

I am so glad we moved to Xin Jin Shan because this school is excellent and so well organised compared to his previous school. The principal, Ms Lili Sun, was really friendly when we first met her in December 2019. She was very welcoming and gave us a quick tour of the school, and Austin got to sit with his class for one hour as an orientation.

Xin Jin Shan Chinese school is very well structured with many classes and students, and the teachers are well organised. They all spoke Mandarin in class which is great as the students will pick up the language a lot quicker.

Mandarin is not our second language as we speak Cantonese and English at home. Therefore for Austin it was very difficult for him at the beginning to understand during class. He didn’t like it at the start because he would come home and say he did not understand anything the teacher said. However, over time with the help of Ms You in Chinese once a fortnight and watching Chinese TV (speaking in Mandarin) he managed to pick up the language quite quickly over the year. Now he comes to me and says, “Mum, I can now have a conversation with my teacher in Mandarin, and I understand a lot more during class compared to the beginning of the year.”

His teacher, Ms You, has been so supportive, is really well organised and is always there when he needed help over the year. She even spent some of her own time to research and recommend some Chinese apps and websites that he can use and go to in order to help him improve his listening, oral and writing skills. We really appreciated her help and especially her time with Austin. She is really an excellent teacher and it shows she really cares about her students.

We are so glad we have found and moved Austin to Xin Jin Shan Chinese School. This school provides outstanding Chinese education to all levels of students, the teachers are all friendly and kind, and the school is well structured. We have already recommended Austin’s cousin here, and I would recommend this school to others anytime.

Niki Kwok

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